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Daily Personal Finance Straight in your WhatsApp

Learning about personal finance can be boring. We solve that by making funny comics to help you learn how to save, how your money works, ways to invest, financial tips, and everything else you need to know about personal finance -with your favourite Finance with Sharan characters!

Crush wouldn’t reply to your texts? Send this comic!

Boring family groups? Keep them financially updated.

It’s The Most Fun and Affordable Way to Master Finances in 2023!

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Learn the science behind personal finance and easily achieve all your financial goals with peace of mind - with your Favourite Finance Guy.

You’ll be able to make informed decisions with your money.

You’ll build a high-returning portfolio tailored to your specific needs and risk appetite.

You’ll ensure that you, your spouse, children or other dependents are properly protected and insured.

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Hack Your Wealth Journey Inside The 1% Club

Your 1 stop solution to retire early. A subscription that will transform your wealth planning and make you say - “Bro! I’m financially sorted!”

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Sharan Hegde

Entrepreneur, content creator, Finance Influencer

Hi, I'm Your Man, Finance With Sharan. I’m a former management consultant at KPMG and PwC where I worked with banks and NBFCs to help them make a ton of money.

I now work as a full-time content creator and help the common man make a ton of money. I create engaging personal finance content with a blend of comedic flavor and cosplay on Instagram and YouTube. I also write down highly action oriented posts on LinkedIn and Twitter for those who are not on social media platforms and prefer to read it instead.

Now, I'm on a mission to help you get to the RICHEST 1% - one educational finance content at a time.

Strong community with 3.5M+ followers across


Hack Your Wealth Journey Inside The 1% Club

Interactive Classes

Join our interactive finance classes for engaging learning experiences!

Strong Community

Building a thriving finance community

Premium Tools & Materials

Cutting-edge resources for optimal learning

All-in-One Skill Academy

All-in-One Finance Academy provides comprehensive financial education and training programs for individuals and businesses.

Fun Mix of Humor + Knowledge

Laugh and learn at All-in-One


Hack Your Wealth Journey Inside The 1% Club


of Students trade successfully*

The reasons are multifold: Just the way sharan makes finance (a taboo and super intimidating topic; money in general) so so simplified and fun, motivation to learn about finance in general in myself (it's addictive once you start), the brilliant topics he has covered from mutual funds to taxation, access to a community where I can ask anything finance related and won't be labeled stupid, the price point was just really attractive to let this go


I love the fact I can communicate with so many finance enthusiasts and whenever I have any query related to finance, I know where to head and I also get instant clarifications at least from one person who is a part of the club


I was looking for a mentor who could guide on finance and That's where I found you. I liked the way you taught stuff and I could connect. I used to wait every Friday for your newsletter because it educated me about so many things in the easiest way, hence I was all game for this one percent club because I knew was only growing doing this. Thanks sharan


I would like to manage my finances and wanted to become financially independent by gaining required knowledge. Various tools that were provided across different areas that helped me to understand in depth about financial management.


Even though I knew a lot about finance, I did not have a framework to actually manage them. The templates that has been provided, guest sessions, and community thread where we can ask doubts - these are the things that i enjoy about The one percent club


Sharan has done precision study and research. Enrolled to the one percent finance club to save time doing research. Also to bounce back suggestions or finance-related decisions/plans.


One thing which stands out from the rest of the courses is the Financial Planner tool which you developed. It's convenient to use and one can easily take decisions based on the information.


I like how you have given useful excel sheets.
Also, the freedom community app is helpful.
Not a day goes by without opening and checking out posts shared by the community members. The On sessions are also very interesting.


To provide premium education and empower people to take control of their financial future.

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